Jalaibee’s release schedule for US and UK is out for all to see!

The awaited moment is almost near, for all those who are aspiring to see the movie Jalaibee. The official Facebook page of Jalaibee outed the schedule for the movie’s release in the United States and United Kingdom, across multiple theaters.

The film, which stars Zhalay Sarhadi, Ali Safina, Wiqar Ali Khan, Sabeeka Imam, Sajid Hasan and Adnan Jafar, has undertaken huge promotional measures to hype the film. The movie centers around two friends indebted to the local mafia and the repercussions of exchanging paths with the mafia world. Featuring an item song to which Zhalay Sarhadi has danced, the film is being eagerly anticipated.

CEO of ARY Digital Network Jerjees Seja also tweeted about the schedule in UK.

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