Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy- the name needs no introduction, from Saving Face to A Girl In The River, the Oscar winner has certainly outdone herself. Apart from all the fame and admiration that she has received the woman has an ocean of talent that she flaunts in her documentaries. After the blockbuster success of her animated movie 3 Bahadur, Sharmeen and ARY Films have returned with the sequel of the movie.

We at ARY had a conversation with the cast of 3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam, and we will give you some major reasons to head out and watch the film, which will breath an air to the cinemas for sure. According to Chinoy,  she wants to bring a change and shake people on their chairs, giving them the realization of reality, if the ban of honor killing was passed recently – one of the reasons would be A Girl In The River.

Her magnum opus has compelled the audience to fall in love with her and she managed to focus on the bitter reality of Pakistan. Coming back to 3 Bahadur Revenge of Baba Balam, according to Chinoy there’s going to be twice as fun in the sequel. The film follows the story of three children Saadi, Amna and Kamil and stars Fahad Mustafa, Sarwat Gillani, Ali Gul Pir and Behroze Sabzwari among an ensemble cast.


When we inquired from Chinoy that who’s her favorite character in the sequel, she responded with something like this.

We also inquired from Fahad Mustafa, that after his role in 3 Bahadur’s sequel what’s his favorite thing to do, check out what he said!

3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam had Behroze Sabzwari really moved, the actor had something to share which you must hear out.

 Sarwat Gillani has her own share of response when its about the comparison of 3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam to the actual life, you’ll love her answer!

We asked Behroze Sabzwari that who do you think is the best character in 3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam. He had a different perception than others. 

The cast had something else to add for all their fans, a message with love you see.

3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam is all set to release on December 15th 2016, how can you miss out on such kick ass film? You must check out the latest song which will give you the reason to add this on your playlist! This has to be an icing on the cake.




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