3 bahadur

3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam is an adventure and emotion combine beautifully in one of the most visually extravagant animations in Pakistan yet, the movie gets you hooked to the screens right from the beginning.


Sharmeen Obaid – Chinoy and ARY Films teamed up for the sequel of 3 Bahadur, Chinoy is no name that requires introduction, her work is self evident. The film begins with Saadi (Zuhab Khan) Kamil (Hanzala Shahid) and Amna (Arisha Razi) who have their hands full with saving the day from various goons.

3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam is in Urdu and is proud of it; its witticisms and messages are for the nation as a whole and not just the anglicized upper classes. Juggling with school and being superheroes – the 3 Bahadur suddenly find themselves in a place where standing each other becomes impossible and that’s when the gang falls apart.

Baba Balam (Fahim Khan) is a character who is on the verge of ruling the world after he tricks Deenu Baba (Behroze Sabzwari) into surrendering his key. The movie is a fun packed rollercoaster which won’t allow you to lose interest for even a split second.


(Imran) Fahad Mustafa, Saadi’s mother (Sarwat Gillani) , Gola (Ahmed Ali Butt) and Tony/Teeli (Ali Gul Pir) have played a very strong supporting role that adds an icing on the cake. The animation of the film was spot on! The excellent thing is that Pakistani children have their own set of super heroes to look up to rather than Super or Batman.

Scenes that took the cake for me were when Kamil lands on Baba Balam’s lap and tells him ‘goudi se to utraaro uncle,’ and when Deenu Baba tells Baba Balam, that the good always triumphs over evil added that wow factor. The movie flaunted humor and lesson side by side which cracked me up and certainly taught me a thing or two about life as well (no I’m not 10 but who doesn’t love a good advice?)

Furthermore, the fact that I could relate the entire film to my very own Pakistan was smashing! Right from the late entry of the Police and their van, to the chai vala dhaaba and the crowd around TV cheering for the cricket match – it all just summed up our daily life. I could go on and on but believe me it’s just not enough, I loved the movie (I know I sound like a 12 year old but it’s true).

How can you forget the terrific and upbeat funny songs? The music is obviously another addition to the stack of pro’s. 3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam was nothing but a joy ride that you have to be on.

The one, most glaring error in the movie is the way sponsors feature in almost every scene. It’s understandable that movie-making is an expensive business and it’s great that so many sponsors came on board to support the film.


To conclude, I’d strongly recommend you to take your children and watch 3 Bahadur – Revenge of Baba Balam as soon as you can! Weekend is just around the corner, so there’s no school which is a cherry on top! The film is not anything that Disney or Pixar would deliver, but believe me it’s no less.


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