Yasir Jaswal, who directed Jalaibee is gearing momentum as the days nearby and the hype surrounding the film seems to grow each day.

The action packed movie has intrigued viewers to no end, who just can’t wait to grab their seats for the film’s first ever show.

As the days tick by till the impending release of Jalaibee, the film’s star studded cast dedicated their valuable time to promoting the film in Karachi at Movenpick Hotel. Zhalay Sarhadi, Sajid Hasan, Wiqar Ali Khan, Uzair Jaswal, Adnan Jafar, Sabeeka Imam, Danish Taimoor and Ali Safina make up the cast of Jalaibee.

Yasir Jaswal (Jalaibee, Director)

Featuring a mix of young blood as well as industry veterans like Sajid and Adnan, the film is bound to feature an impeccable mix of acting talent.

Speaking on the occasion, the stars voiced their views about the film and what the audience could expect out of it. The audience seemed to be amused by interesting stories and facts about the film that the celebrities had to share with them. Wiqar Ali Khan informed the audience that he had collaborated with Jalaibee lead Zhalay Sarhadi eight years ago.

Wiqar Ali Khan

After saying yes to the film, he had inquired as to who was the female lead, from the director upon which the latter took Zhalay’s name. After seeing a picture of her, Wiqar was astonished by her transformation over the years and had remarked that she now closely resembled Priyanka Chopra.

Sabeeka Imam told everyone how she opted for the project when no other actress would take her role. She stated that in the film, she plays Sajid Hasan’s daughter and owing to the small role as compared to Zhalay’s, no actress wanted it hence she scooped it up on the first chance.

Sabeeka Imam

Sabeeka did so as she liked the role and had no issue if it was of a much smaller capacity as compared to Sarhadi’s. Speaking to our correspondent, she also confirmed that she had been approached to star in two upcoming Pakistani films. One particular role required her to play a cheery, bubbly girl on-screen which she is completely in love with the role.

Zhalay Sarhadi was really happy to be part of the project and said that she was excited to see much buzz surrounding the movie ahead of its release.

Zhalay Sarhadi

Today also marks the debut of Zhalay Sarhadi’s latest drama Rang Laaga on ARY Digital tonight, Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 8pm for which she was noticeably happy. The fact that Pakistani actors and actresses from the drama department were quite popular in India based on their remarkable talent was also highlighted during the event. It was also stated that local artists should strengthen their own film industry before crossing borders into neighboring India.

Jalaibee has pocketed an impressive sum of Rs.50 lacs two weeks in advance of its release. Bahria Town owner and founder Malik Riaz purchased around 10,000 tickets for the film. There is a bit of passion and adventurism present in this project as well. Jalaibee’s producer Murtaza is not entirely familiar with the film industry; the man had a construction business going in Islamabad. The passion he had for Jalaibee prompted him to switch gears and try his hand at producing the movie.

There’s something in Jalaibee for everyone. Apart from the ensemble cast, the music also features high profile singers such as Humaira Arshad, Uzair Jaswal, Qayaas and other artists produced and directed by Sarmad Ghafoor. Umair Jaswal entertained the audience with a couple of songs and Zhalay’s item number dance enthralled the audience as well, further spiking their interest in the film.

Jalaibee is a must watch as it has all the ingredients of a worthy flick. A good cast, talented musicians and a mafia story line!

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